Reeba is a social media enthusiast and a freelance content writer.  Her blog ‘The Social Cloud’ is all about social side of business. Over the years Reeba has been amazed by the way social media has evolved, she believes social media is the hottest tool in business and will get more exciting in near future!

“Businesses should adorn human face to make them more approachable and social”

Reeba’s blog is part of the marketing niche; however she has strong social media ties and provides interesting content on the latest trends of social marketing strategies. With her insightful writings, Reeba holds the power to change your mind about things you thought you were concrete on!

Although social media is a cost-effective and time-saving marketing tool, businesses still need to be savvy in the ways that they are using it. At ‘The Social Cloud’, you will find how to integrate social media activities into all areas of business from internal communications to HR and Marketing; and how to make the best use of it!


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